Focus of the company

Focus of the company 

We offer:

Development, configuring and implementation of control and information systems:

  • development, production, supply and follow-up service of dispatching control and information systems not only for the energy sector.
  • tailor-made orders realization, from project to implementation and putting into operation
  • advisory service on dispatching control systems area (counseling for customers and control subsystem operators)
  • training services
  • case-study executions, integrated systems solutions


  • Control and Information system RIS

Main product of the company meets all requirements related to simple switching station supervising system applications as well as requirements related to extensive applications of interlinked different voltage levels control systems of wide areas. It covers all SCADA functions, higher energy system functions, planning functions, operation evaluation and more in accordance with the power industry and current legislation standards for particular voltage levels control (LV to TS).

Substandard peripherals, telemetry or eventually other components produced by the company on the basis of its own development according to the customer needs are components of the systems as well.

  • RTM Communication Units

Function for long-distance data transmission and control via GPRS network. Units are used for remote-controlled section switches, small transformer stations, wind power sources and other energy system objects.

  • Operator terminals for energy system objects

Serve for energy system object operation monitoring. Big asset is the same database being used for master control system RIS.


Company founding:

ELEKTROSYSTEM was founded in Žilina, 1990. Only one year later a branch office, focused mainly on development, was opened in Brno. After splitting Czechoslovakia into two independent countries (1993) the company was divided to two separate legal subjects: ELEKTROSYSTEM Ltd. in Žilina and ELEKTROSYSTEM Inc. in Brno. Both companies are liable to one management and joint strategy. Even before the founding, the company’s key employees have had long experience with implementation of dispatching control systems for the energy sector.

Main product, energy system tasks continuity:

In 1992 company’s original control and information system RIS was placed on the market (platform - LAN computers type PC, OS QNX 4.2x a QNX 6.x), first applications started to run on the Slovak territory and then later in Czech Republic, too. Position on the market was established by successful participation in selection procedures, customer needs oriented operative development and fast customer service.

Throughout the years 1993 - 2005 20 applications of RIS were realized for dispatcher stations of all voltage levels (TS, VHV, HV and LV).

Infrastructure development:

Since 2002 Czech branch is situated in its own new office building in Brno, there is also one unit operating in Prague. Slovak branch resides in its reconstructed house in Žilina.

Latest growth:

The company evolves long-term cooperation with energy system enterprises in the area of dispatcher systems of all levels, even after their integration into big corporations (ČEPS, ČEZ Distribuce, E.ON, ZSE a SSE). The development of application SW for control, planning and operation evaluation of energy systems according to the current needs has been performed continuously.

Communication units RTM for remote data transfer and control via GPRS network have been successfully delivered on the market in 2004. Units are used for remote-controlled section switches, small transformer stations, wind power sources and other energy system objects.

In 2006 the Brno branch transformed itself to the form of joint-stock company.



Quality Certificates:

CQS Prague, IQnet member, Czech Republic

  • Development, production, installation and service of control and information systems (ISO 9001:2009) from 2001

certificate BOZP:

  • Occupational health and safety management system
  • Development, production, installation and service of control and information systems (ISO 18001:1999) from 2007

Environment management Certificate:

CQS Prague, IQnet member, Czech Republic

Product Certificates:

TÜV Product Service GMBH, München, Germany

  • ITE Equipment Central and Information System (Registration Number RISC2004A)
  • Control unit RTM8248/GSM - (E 003T-1-00 KO) from 2004

Representation Certificates:

QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada

  • QNX System Integrator and Solution Supplier for industry control systems from 2000